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Walking Trekking ,hiking ,Climbing ,Travelling and Skiing with Rachid Aztat from Morocco - Toubkal Valley.

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Trekking in Morocco with Rachid Aztat mountain guide, We Organize differents Treks / Tours Around Morocco:Berber Villages, Toubkal Climbing 2 or 3 days,Sahara Desert ,Merzouga trips and Cities From Marrakech.

Toubkal Trekking and High Atlas hikes - Contact Rachid Aztat

We organise Morocco Trekking holidays to suit all ages & fitness levels and are ideally suited to exploring villages and monasteries in Atlas mountains in Morocco. Being a soft-adventure sport, almost anyone in reasonable physical condition can go trekking. To get initiated into trekking begin with adventure day hikes.

Whether it's a high climb, or an incredible stroll across a stunning landscape, we offer hiking and trekking options for all budgets. Our magnificent trails offer a range of intensities for you to tackle at your own pace making this an ideal destination for trekking in Atlas. Contact Toubkal Trekking Guide; Rachid Aztat


Advance tour reservations are required for tour lenght more than 1 day for any visitors who prefer a private tour with accommodation.

Local Atlas trek advice

We have some useful handy tips to help you get the most out of our backcountry, adventure Atlas hiking experience in the mountains.

Toubkal Trekking Guide


+212 670 341 714


+212 670 341 714



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walking trekking holidays tours in morocco, atlas desert Cities mountain guide in morocco
walking trekking holidays tours in morocco, atlas desert Cities mountain guide in morocco
walking trekking holidays tours in morocco, atlas desert Cities mountain guide in morocco

Community Projects

The social, cultural and material development of the local Berber community is an issue closely linked to the streams of globalization. Market mechanisms and their principles permeate all spheres of local life and transform and modify the existing cultural complex. Since the direct participants in the market economy – and hence its major beneficiaries – are the male members of the Berber society, we decided to dedicate these projects to those who are underrepresented or even missing in the tourism scheme: women and children. The following projects are to help them develop their skills and provide them with opportunities to share experience, make something meaningful and take part in the quickly changing reality that surrounds them.

From each service you buy from us 10% goes directly to support the following activities.

Monthly payment of a teacher in a preliminary school in Imi Oughlad.

Imi Oughlad is a little village located in the Imlil valley, halfway from the town of Asni to Imlil in the El Haouz province in the Marrakech region (see the map). Moroccan children attend primary schools for six years between the age of six and twelve. In the Imlil valley, the schooling infrastructures are often not sufficient to provide the local children of pre-school age the opportunity of preliminary education. For Berber-speaking boys and girls the possibility of attending preliminary school is a way to get prepared for primary education by developing the basic literacy and numeric skills as well as getting familiar with Arabic language The local village association of Imi Oughlad, established with a support of a non-governmental organization Aide et Action, along with RIM (Relais Instruction éducation Maroc, a French-Moroccan NGO), a project of a local preliminary school (école preliminaire), focused on pursuing development via education. The contract signed between the village association and RIM will terminate in 2013. The village association does not have sufficient funds to ensure teacher salaries and thus the continuation of the preliminary school. The teacher’s salary is 2,200 MAD DH, which is around 220 EUR/290 USD per month. Our company decided to contribute to the monthly paycheck of the kindergarten teacher whose job is very much appreciated by the local authorities, parents and children. This project will help continue the education center of Imi Oughlad and grant the little children a chance to study and play in the familiar environment of their own village. Some of our trekking options offer the possibility of visiting the pre-school. A visit can be also arranged upon

Center for a Female Cooperative

Due to a specific cultural environment, it is not usual for women to gather in public places. Due to the specific socio-cultural transformation caused by globalization and economic restructuring, it is not usual for women to take part in the ongoing processes and enjoy its benefits while the negative side-effects such as pollution and garbage are the constants of everyday reality they have to cope with. One of the objectives of the local village association is to support female activities, which constitute an integral part of Berber culture. PathFinders aims to raise a sufficient amount to build a small house where activities such as weaving, workshops and educational presentations could be performed. The costs for the construction of a house of an area around 80 sq meters are estimated at 10,000 EUR/13000 USD. The Center of the Female Cooperative will serve as a community meeting place and a platform for performing traditional arts and handicrafts. The products will be subsequently offered for sale. The profit from sold items will be used for further development of the Center and for communal activities. Most importantly, the major part will go to its authors. We hope that this activity will help ameliorate the effects of poverty, create a sustainable economic environment, and also support further participation of women in the market economy. Some of our trekking options lead across the property where the house will be built up. Visitors can see the progress of the project implementation and ask involved individuals questions.