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Walking Trekking ,hiking ,Climbing ,Travelling and Skiing with Rachid Aztat from Morocco - Toubkal Valley.


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Welcome To Toubkal Trekking Guide: Trekking In Morocco, Mount Toubkal Treks in Winter - Morocco Trekking| Toubkal Hiking

We organize trekking trips within Morocco’s High Atlas Mountains emphasizing a community-friendly approach. Our trekking options include Mount Toubkal ascent, Sahara Desert From Marrakech or Imlil Valley ,walking the High Atlas & Berber Villages valleys, and treks through Berber villages revealing the breathtaking quiet beauty of adjacent valleys. Our activities rely on the knowledge, strong limbs and hospitality of the Berber people, who work as local guides, muleteers and accommodation providers. We believe they are the people who can tell the most about their culture, traditions and way of life to make the whole trekking experience unique and authentic. As organizers of this community-friendly trekking


Our aim is to create an alternative narrative, which will connect internationals and locals in a way that will lead to mutual enrichment. Being a treker adventure, which uses one’s capacity to think differently, acknowledge the diversity of human beings, experience a different way of living and contribute towards making the world around us a better place for everyone. Joining this project, you will also become a stone in a new path of local development.

Every one of us can use creativity and potential to establish new patterns of thinking that lead to a better  understanding of the world surrounding us.

about us
Toubkal trekking


 I am a qualified mountain guide from national CFAMM (training centre for mountain crafts in Tabant) and work on a freelance basis in Morocco Toubkal Valley.



Welcome to the Morocco's most comprehensive database, portal for bike tours with our tours for you to explore, Morocco country side , with our  tour operators.



Jebel Toubkal is North Africa’s highest mountain. It has been a target for mountain climbers since the 1920’s when the Club Alpin francais founded a branch in Casablanca...

JEBEL TOUBKAL TREKS read more read more read more


Self catering holiday Trekking in Morocco, High Atlas, Toubkal Peak,Desert of Morocco and  Berber Villages. Choose your perfect holiday accommodation with Berber Houses, we offer properties, Berber Tante, last minute deals and special offers.

You'll find our website packed with lots of holiday ideas, places to visit and things to do, whether you're interested in walking, Trekking, cycling, Skiing, Hiking. Climbing or any other outdoor activity, we've got the perfect holiday for you. TTG  is a local company based on Toubkal Area, with the knowledge to help you get the most out of your holiday and we want to share our experience with you.

10 days trek atlas mountains and sahara desert trek

2 days Mount Toubkal classic trek

The path leading from Imlil directly to the Jebel Toubkal is a perfect choice for those...

2 days Mount Toubkal classic trek more details

3 days Mount Toubkal trek via Aguelzim

Aguelzim mountain is located above the Azzaden valley and offers stunning views over...

Climb Mount Toubkal in  3 Days Trek from Marrakech to mount toubkal highes peak more details

Toubkal Trekking 4 days from Marrakech

Trek via Imlil and Azzaden Valley - Mount Toubkal is the highest mountain in North Africa...

Toubkal Trekking 4 days from Marrakech via Imlil and Azzaden Valley more details

5 days Mount Toubkal and Oukaimeden

Oukaimeden is a famous ski resort and a must stay for winter sports lovers who come along ...

5 days Mount Toubkal and Oukaimeden more details

6 days Toubkal and Berber Villages

This trek includes Toubkal ascent and walks past several Berber villages with a more...

6 days Toubkal and Berber Villages more details All Toubkal treks


 The walk to the peak is very challenging, but requires no mountaineering skills and the panoramic views from the top make the tough work worth-while .

more details


We offer a wide range of services for those planning a trip to the High Atlas, from basic one day guided walks to full package treks, including transport to the region, accommodation, food, guides, mules, tents, cuisine, entertainment and much more. We are able to suggest itineraries to meet the requirements of our visitors based on the number of days available, number of group members (from sole travelers to large groups), difficultly of treks, level of food and accommodation required, etc.

Self catering holiday Trekking in Morocco, High Atlas, Toubky, we've got the perfect holiday for you. TTG  is a local company based on Toubkal Area, with the knowledge to help you get the most out of your holiday and we want to share our experience with you.

 ReadeHorseback riding in Morocco is like traveling back to the fabled land of the “Thousand and One Nights”.  You will see ancient walled cities, Roman ruins, huge markets with a wide variety of exotic wares and towns with elaborate arches and minarets.  This once powerful country launched an attack on southern Europe reaching as far as central France and controlled southern Spain for 8 centuries.  It is the home of some of the world’s finest Arabian and Barb horses which were used with such success by the Moorish cavalry. The varied landscape includes beaches on the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, the mighty Atlas Mountains, fertile fields with olive groves, fruit trees and wheat fields as well as the austere and beautiful Sahara Desert in the extreme south.


Nestled in a valley among the Anti-Atlas Mountains in the south of Morocco is one of the country’s most precious treasures: the secluded oasis of Tafraoute. You will have to drive some 250km from Agadir  on winding roads and dirt paths to get there. Once you arrive you will realize Tafraoute is worth the effort. Set against a backdrop of incredibly shaped rock formations, this hard-to-reach town is one of Morocco most relaxing destinations and the perfect base to explore the Anti Atlas Region With very few tourists, lovely small restaurants, and spectacular places for outdoor adventures, Tafraoute is the ideal destination for those seeking to enjoy a relaxing getaway or an adventurous few days among nature.

Walking in jbel Saghro (southern Ourzazate) means winter warmth, light, shapes and colors, highlands with amazing rock formations and basalt peaks, deep canyons and oases lowercase valleys surprisingly hidden in vast green spaces lunar landscape of barren mountains.This range also forms a bridge between two contrasts: the snowy peaks of the High Atlas and the Sahara. In winter, it is the kingdom of  nomads of Ait Atta who find here a refuge.


These daily excursions are a great option for those who want to escape the urban noise of Marrakech and chill out a bit amidst the greenery in the heart of the Atlas mountains. Labyrinth of paths, which have been walked for centuries, terraced houses – each of them offering a stunning view to the mountain peaks, passing by the solid walls of the Kasbah..

4 days Mount Toubkal Family trek

We organise Toubkal trip for Family from Ouirgane in Atlas Mountains with local guide...

Mount Toubkal Family trek in 4 days from Ouirgan Atlas Mountains more details About Toubkal


4 days Ski Touring

During this skiing tour in Morocco, we will stay in shelters or Berbers houses, and each step ...

4 days Ski Touring in Morocco more details

8 days Ski Tour in High Atlas

During the trip, you will come in contact with the local population of the Atlas Mountains, the ...

8 days Ski Tour in High Atlas Morocco more details

8 days Ski Touring in Oukaimeden

A beautiful journey of discovery through the heart of the High Atlas mountains in winter ...

8 days Ski Touring in Oukaimeden more details


Some people are explorers, some are admirers. Others call themselves dreamers and competitors.

Or runners. Another are labeled as inquirers. Trekking, each of them requires a different amount of time to feed their souls and give their bodies some rest.

Imlil and Imnan valley trek

Imenane and Imlil valley are the two sides of one coin or two faces of contemporary rural...

Azzaden valley trek

A part of this two day trek leads across the Ouirgane National Park. Ouirgane area is significant...

Imlil and Ourika valley trek 3 days

Despite its relative proximity, each of the valleys differ the other. Due to the subsoil consisting ...

4 days Berber villages & valleys trek

This scenic trek leads across three valleys of the High Atlas mountains. The diverse nature with...

3 Berber valleys trek Imlil, Azzaded..

The alternative trek to the previous walk designed along the local paths and mule trails shows ...

3 days Atlas trek to Ourika valley

The altitude allows for great panoramic views over the Toubkal National Park. The second...

All Atlas hikes & treks